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Bridge Between Inspiration & Reality

Clinic, weeks ago. A Doctor encouraging her patient to return to a life he enjoyed. (We will call him Michael). Face all lit up as the Doctor painted a beautiful alternative. It was a touching sight. A few days later I saw Michael on the … Continue reading

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Curiously Unanticipated

“Have you ever cured anyone?” I was thumbing through medical notes with my Consultant Psychiatrist (CP) one afternoon, having seen a few too many patients who were perpetually in Mental Health Services. I felt I had no talent for it and out came … Continue reading

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I walked around the ward surrounded by acutely ill patients trying to understand how on earth to practice anything! You see, medical students need to devote a lot of time practicing our newly acquired skills on real-life patients if we … Continue reading

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Every Patient Has A Story

I was directed by my busy Consultant to take a medical history. So I walked over to this elderly gentleman to find out what had happened to bring him to hospital. He barely answered my questions, choosing instead to tell me all about his wife. … Continue reading

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The Same Ol’ Why!

My other half, John and I blog about our life as we retrain. John wants to be a teacher and I am training to be a medical doctor. So why do I need this platform? For one simple reason- the blog John and … Continue reading

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