About Me

Hello, hello! A warm welcome to my blog. I set this up years ago to write about science-y stuff that captured my imagination. (I love science! Hence that big, bold Isaac Asimov quotation-header on here.)

But then life happened turning into a very interesting journey which John and I share on a different blog. This space, however remained just for me. So, I decided to dust off the cobwebs and start talking about science, evidence-based life, and my new passion: medicine! A lovely friend observed that I display almost an evangelical fervour for it. Well, ya know I was just the same in my previous career in corporate biosciences! In many ways molecular biology is still my first love and I have a little expertise in that specialism. But, I must stress that now I am just a medical student. Thus all my Medicine-related posts are merely my personal observations, & musings.

So! If my posts add value to your life why not subscribe to this blog via email? You can choose the frequency of notifications, of course.


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