Bridge Between Inspiration & Reality

ClinFB_20160719_11_41_00_Saved_Picture (1)ic, weeks ago. A Doctor encouraging her patient to return to a life he enjoyed. (We will call him Michael). Face all lit up as the Doctor painted a beautiful alternative. It was a touching sight.

A few days later I saw Michael on the ward for a routine procedure. I sat next to him to chat some more. He loved swimming he said, wished he could return to his “first love”. Used to compete nationally as a youngster- he had the same dreamy-happy face I saw in Clinic! Why didn’t he, I asked, he doesn’t have to turn pro. Not enough hours in the day or pennies in the bank account, he replied. No, Michael sighed. He had many responsibilities, & people like him did not do things like this.

The conversation stayed with me ever since. I reckon you’ve been part of similar conversations too. Be it post Olympics inspiration to return to a sport you love, desire to change your career, or start a business- it could be anything. Heck, you may have said these yourself! But you see, people like him do convert inspiration to reality. Granted we all cannot become Olympians given our commitments. But I believe it’s just a matter of knowing how to translate our inspirations to reality if we want to! I am determined to prove that such knowhow is available all around us- our families, friends, & colleagues.

So, here’s a time-independent project. I will collect & blog about these How-Tos for translating inspiration into reality as and when I can. My aim? To show you that not only is it possible to bridge the gap between dreamy-happy-face & goal-achieved-face but that people like you can do it!

(For you, Michael)

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