Last summer I set up a twitter account for queries on useful stuff for Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) applications. It’s a tiny space for friends to tweet/ Direct Message their questions, & form a support network if retraining to be a medic is their thing.

@A101hacks on Twitter

@A101hacks on Twitter

I must say that the passion and determination folks show for retraining to be a doctor is nothing short of humbling! I was replying to one such direct message this weekend when something occurred to me….

…most of the questions fit into certain themes. A popular one is secrets to a successful GEM application. Now, there is no such thing as a simple application to medical school. And there is even more to consider for something as competitive as GEM! But at the heart of it all lies a very simple truth.

“The defining factor for success is never resources; it’s resourcefulness.” -Tony Robbins.

Of the many things I learnt in my previous career, this one lesson has served me incredibly well in life. GEM application was no different. Here’s Tony Robbins himself; saying it better than I can ever manage.

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