The Same Ol’ Why!

My other half, John and I blog about our life as we retrain. John wants to be a teacher and I am training to be a medical doctor. So why do I need this platform? For one simple reason- the blog John and I share is what I see as our home life.There are plenty of lessons, tips, stories, and experiences (for anyone thinking of retraining after a L-O-N-G absence from education) we want to share on our home-life blog. This one is my proto-professional space.

There is, however another reason!

I run a twitter account for those who want to study Medicine on a fast-track course, like the one I am on. Over the past several months my friends on there have been encouraging me to talk about my experiences as I go through my clinical placements. There are plenty of excellent blogs doing just that: Lauren Clarke’s, for example. So struggling to think of anything else I could add I kept on tweeting. But as time wore on I realised that each one of us are on a unique journey. And believe you me, 140 characters are definitely not enough to do justice to that!

Here’s hoping you will find some value in my musings.

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